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The Future of UI Kits and UI UX Designs — Top Trends 2022

Updated: May 28

UI UX Designs Top Trends
Photo from Unsplash by Efe Kurnaz

The year 2021 carried on from the year 2020. As the globe’s marketplaces transition towards digital, UX and UI kits style became more crucial than ever. And therefore, we should be expecting a lot of movement in UI patterns as a result. As technological advances continue, UI has the capacity to become far more revolutionary in 2022 than it has been in the previous few years.

User experience for mobile applications and websites improved dramatically. People are now more inclined towards looking at UI kits that are pleasing to the eye rather than a design that looks bland.

In terms of user interface design, 2021 was a noteworthy year. The developments of last year signal significant shifts in how we utilize innovation. For UX Studio’s annual forecast top list, we gathered some of the most recent UI developments, some of which are still continuing strong and others that have a long way to go.

Why is staying updated with UI kits important?

A first appearance is something you’ll regard with high value and isn’t easily replaceable. This is one of the many reasons UI kits are so critical for any business. The design and kits are usually the essential elements prospective clients see when visiting your site or downloading your applications. It’s the face of your company, and it’s your image.

According to Google, 26% of designs online are only utilized once. There are several causes for this, the most prominent of which is a poor user interface. You must adopt the newest UI trends to build a truly engaging user experience. If not, you risk having an out-of-date, basic design that will only scare away your clients.

All of the most recent UI kits trends emphasize not only aesthetic value but also utility and ease for the client. They can provide a multitude of perks to your goods if you use them correctly.

  • Boosts one’s mood There have been numerous studies on coloration and how it affects people’s moods. Certain ones make us angry, while others make us passive. Users may grin even without realizing it once they see a nice image. This is what we have to do. When users access the web page, we want them to grin or feel at ease. A pleasing and compelling design can create an environment that keeps people’s interest for a longer period.

  • Improved UI kits have increased trustworthiness. People will have more faith in you if the user experience for mobile applications and websites appears to be very competent and professional. It’s a psychological belief that if you give heed to your webpage (or an app), you’ll pay enough attention to your offerings and vice versa. That is how you will gain support.

  • Makes it easier to utilize Making the display clean and orderly is one of the most fundamental rules in the designing phase. It would be simple to use in this scenario. What for? Because such a design eliminates the need for human data processing. Additional information is routinely processed, saving consumers time and worry.

Several associated articles discuss topics that have been popular throughout the previous years. Certainly, on online platforms, narrative, night theme, ethical design, creative visuals, and powerful typography will continue to be the distinguishing aspects. However, the trends have been shifting, and now there’s a relatively new future of UX design.

Future of UX design and UI kits

Future of UX design and UI kits

1- Interactions with the cursor customized

Small movements and dazzling over-the-top interactivity are commonly used by sites to distinguish out. We’ve all seen clever tricks and peculiarities that entice us to explore every last element of a website. Among the most popular engagements is when the mouse movement is used as an input, resulting in dynamic and entertaining outcomes.

As our devices and technologies develop year after year, technologies offer more options than previous ones. Product design engineers now have more options. Fortunately, certain firms are receptive to crazy ideas, allowing us to obsess over the smaller things.

2- Typography with new UI kits

Huge letters and large headers. The movement changes fluidly, and all data pieces are structured neatly on the matrix. All of this contributes to the uniqueness and perfection of the website. If you use this Custom Web trend, your website will appear great even if it has no additional content. You can, however, use high-quality images and videos to further enhance the outlook. Typography and motion are said to become even more prevalent in 2022.

3- Investigate the Metaverse

After Facebook changed its name to Meta, there’s been a lot of talk on what the future will bring for how we connect and exist in the Virtual world. For those unfamiliar with Metaverse, it is a hybrid of technologies such as automation, virtual reality, and video in which users “live” in a digital realm. Its proponents refer to it as the “new internet” and believe it has enormous potential. If Meta’s strategy succeeds, the AR/VR market will explode.

4- Illustrations that are distinctive to the brand

Just choose it: digitally or hand-drawn, 2D or 3D, customized graphics. Free shapes, unaffiliated pieces, elements, and enormous imbalance help programs look different from the pack and provide a warm and welcoming environment that improves the experience for users. These images are typically recreated with elaborate movement design that makes these web pages pop out. This vitality makes things simpler to pique the interest of users and quickly convey what the company or business has to offer. A fun graphic may give a site or app a character and make it unforgettable.

In addition, the response for such dynamics should be considered. Following an occurrence, regular feedback to ensure that the anticipated action was carried out. Users are drawn in by moving objects and surprising movements, which entice them to keep scrolling, seeing what occurs next. Nonetheless, we must be wary of these daring ideas and consider the business that the web promotes.

5- Incorporating 3D into e-commerce

3D has been around for a while and is steadily growing in popularity. Luckily, we live in an age where technological improvements, such as rapid advancements in microprocessor fabrication and program optimization over the past few years, have made even low-end devices capable of handling complex pictures in real-time. As a result, using dynamic 3D UI is no longer a chore.

Animated features such as logos, drawings, and words will flourish on internet pages in 2022, allowing users to differentiate between dynamic and non-dynamic items. E-commerce is among the most methodological approaches to incorporate 3D into a digital platform. As the market fluctuates to the online realm, marketers devise ingenious ways to entice us with their offerings. Anybody can generate high-quality images of their items using simple picture scanning solutions.

6- Glassmorphism

As previously said, glass morphism is the most recent and popular UI design philosophy. It’s a subclass of the design ethos known as Neumorphism, or style that impersonates the actual thing from the environment for an even more factual foundation. Glassmorphism uses this approach to include glass-like characteristics into the interface’s design and look.

7- Fonts that are bolder and more distinctive

Script trends aren’t particularly interesting because most designs are applied to particular industries. Serif fonts are common in style and note-taking apps, while sans serif fonts are common in computer products and so on. Companies starting to embrace and adopt the visual of considerably bigger fonts and ink traps typefaces in the UI kits are two characteristics that will impact 2022.

An ink trap is a characteristic of certain fonts created for small-scale printing for people who are unfamiliar with the phrase. Letterforms are stripped of their corners and features. Ink flows naturally into the deleted region when the text is formed. Surplus ink will soak outside without ink traps, destroying the clean line.

8-Platforms with little or no code

Reduced and no-code programs have also been gaining popularity in recent years. These systems necessitate either a minimal level of programming skills (Low coding) or nothing at all (No Code). Although they do necessitate some domain expertise, they make it feasible for you to create your personal websites. There are a lot of internet graphic editors available that enable users to create and publish their own sites.


The world is fast-paced now, and today’s ideas will be discarded tomorrow. This doesn’t imply you have to revamp your application each month or year to keep up with the current UI trends. However, above all, and this is something I will never weary of emphasizing, you must respond to your audiences.

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