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Outsourcing Product UI/UX design — What to consider?

Updated: May 23

Outsourcing Product UI/UX design

Businesses must now, more than anything, start by developing solutions to meet users’ evolving requirements and preferences. Whether it’s a mobile UX UI design app, an e-commerce site, or enterprise software, your solution must give a positive customer journey. As a result, a good user experience design is crucial to the growth of your digital platform.

A corporation can adopt a variety of techniques to meet its UX design requirements: Such as creating a UX design team in-house, outsourcing UX design requirements, or engaging the services of a freelance UX designer.

Although all of these alternatives have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, outsourcing UX design is a common pick among businesses of all sizes. The major reason outsourcing is preferred because it requires less money and promotes flexibility. You save money on employee pay, recruiting costs, healthcare, loyalty, and training programs as a business.

Businesses have long debated whether, if ever, outsourcing the design process is a good idea. Even though the design process is known to be one of their strengths, an increasing number of businesses are opting to outsource part of their business designs. For example, several leading designing companies of UX/UI solutions designers have worked with various successful businesses of various kinds, including Amazon and others. As a result, if done correctly, the idea of creative outsourcing has a lot of benefits.

Nevertheless, outsourcing UI UX solutions got popular not just from the cost analysis. Rather it has some more benefits. Let’s look more closely at the other factors.

Increase scalability with UI UX solutions

Work demands for UX designers are going to change all year. The demand for design professionals will be substantial while undertaking a project. The burden normally reduces over time. Because of this volatility, it’s difficult to know when or if it’s required to expand an internal staff.

Outsourcing has the advantage of allowing you to scale up and down the amount of your workforce as required. It could be accomplished in a fraction of the time it would take with internal employees or freelancers. Businesses gain additional performance and adaptability, allowing them to better manage their internal capabilities.

Gather capital Intellect with UI UX solutions

To begin with, outsourcing design gives companies access to a diverse pool of intellectual capital. As a result, a bigger pool of design experts with diverse backgrounds would be available. Furthermore, such a group of designers could provide skills that a traditional corporation might not be able to provide. Since you can then interact with a larger number of experts with varying levels of expertise in their various areas. You can even build things that aren’t in your area of profession. You can even build things that aren’t in your area of profession. Knowledge and efficiency are projected to boost speed, allowing you to market your products and services faster.

Keep up with the latest user experience trends.

The latest ideas emerge in the field of user experience design. Several of them fade away over time, while others persist. Taking this into account, UX designers and groups must keep up with current developments. It’s not really about cramming every available trend into your layout; it really is about understanding when and how to apply each one. This makes the process much longer because it necessitates continual monitoring.

Instead of spending so much money and time on keeping up with sketch resources, Figma resources, mobile UX UI design, and UI UX solutions, businesses can outsource them.

Coaching in-house developers on these patterns may not be worthwhile because the degree of difficulty is high, and the danger that they will leave the firm with the acquired knowledge is always present. You will get skilled specialists who will produce a convenient and simple digital experience according to relevant current trends and accessibility standards by outsourcing the UI/UX solutions.

Time is Money

time is money

It takes time to build or expand an in-house UX group. You will be responsible for recruiting, interviewing, testing, onboarding, training, and maintaining them. If UX is your main business, this sounds reasonable, but if it isn’t, it’s an exceptional time commitment. Employing UX design freelancers can make it faster, but it also increases the likelihood of low dedication and production delays. You conserve time by collaborating with an outsourcer since you may grow up or down your staff at any time. Furthermore, having dedicated UX specialists engaged in your project allows you to shorten your cycle times, which is advantageous to companies. You waste considerable time on admin work, which causes results to be delayed.

Concentrate on your main business

One of the main motivations to outsource UX design is that you should concentrate entirely on your primary company. Your time would be better actually spent on developing and expanding your business, regardless of its size. You can be confident that a team of specialists will offer excellent results before the timeframe for your project if you outsource. The basic purpose of UX design is to provide your consumers with amazing user engagement. The outsourcing firm will handle this task, giving you more time to focus on company products, solutions, business strategy, and operations. You can even shorten your cycle times.

However, outsourcing your Figma resources or mobile UX/UI designs isn’t easy. Most of the time, businesses are skeptical about some problems and have thousands of questions to ask, such as:

Will they have the same understanding of the product and objectives as I do?

Like every other career, UX professionals start out unskilled. You may be at the start of the process or have discovered a requirement in the middle, but the project is ultimately yours. As a result, it’s vital to keep track of all initiative outcomes so they may be shared with others. For example, a well-written design idea and other strategic plan materials should allow the UX specialist to fully engage in the tasks completed thus far. Putting your knowledge to the best possible use so that they not only understand the users but also the corporate mission and goals.

Will the UX professional be eligible to function with my current team?

This solution is mostly dependent only on your own team’s communication skills. Training meeting transparency, how you present the initiative to participants, and the continued level of interaction throughout the construction process are all factors to consider. Based on the outsourcer’s region, it may be necessary to establish a ‘one-on-one team link,’ involving them in critical decisions and talks. If they are limited in their physical availability, there are various options for working remotely, including Skype, Google Talk, and conference software.

I’m not sure what the distinction between UX and UI means!

The tasks of UX designers and UI designers are completely opposite, and there are compelling arguments that such two activities should be carried out by different individuals. While elements of both skills overlap and collaboration is essential, combining UX and UI into one component is not recommended to avoid overburdening one person with too much work and turning them into a generalist.

What is the best way to outsource product design? The process of making decisions is frequently just as significant as the design itself. The following are the indicators that a businessman should think about.

What is the best way to outsource product design? The process of making decisions is frequently just as significant as the design itself. The following are the indicators that a businessman should think about.


A prior proven experience is one of the finest indicators of a company’s ability to complete your project effectively. This needs a look at the company’s clients. Are they able to provide you with the degree of knowledge you require? Are those ideas still being used by clients, or are they being phased out? You might even start by asking a few examples of their work and working through the finer points before reaching a choice.


Examining a product development firm’s or freelancer’s profile is a crucial step in determining if they will meet your needs. If you’re seeking to outsource mobile UX UI design, for instance, someone with mobile UX UI design in their portfolio must have an advantage over other candidates. Furthermore, you must be aware of what to look for when analyzing resumes. Look for anyone who can add a lot of originality while being true to the brand’s broader ambitions.

Conclusion Customer experience is extremely essential for a company and should be implemented from the beginning. Although it may seem appealing to form your personal, corporate UX team, it is extremely costly, time-consuming, and difficult to accomplish. Outsourcing a business’ UX design helps focus on company organizational objectives while still providing a fantastic experience for users in your virtual content.

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