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Need a UI UX Designer! — Top 6 Platforms to Hire a UI UX Designer

Updated: Jun 30

Do you know every $1 invested in the UX brings a return of $100, an ROI of 9,900%? Now, that is such a powerful statistic. It tells us how important is UX UI. However, it speaks volumes about the importance of having a smart UI UX designer. After all, a UI UX designer is the key player responsible for bringing the expected best ROI. That is why; you need to channel efficacy into finding the best UI UX designers for your team.

Need a UI UX Designer

Now, how can you do that? Well, you need to use the right platforms to boost your hiring efficiency. If you are not sure about these sites, no need to think further. Because we can help you with that through some recommendations.

We will now walk you through the best online platforms to hire a UI UX designer for your team. These platforms are well-reputed and known for all the right reasons. We are quite positive that you will definitely find the right UI UX designer through these platforms.

Hiring a UI UX Designer Online is the Best Go-to Solution!

Using online platforms for hiring is a smart thing to do. Because you cut the hassle and cost of the hiring process as well. Conducting and designing a recruitment cycle can inculcate a lot of expense. Moreover, it can become monotonous and might even not yield desirable outcomes.

Moreover, it works fast, and you are able to reach expert UI UX designers across the globe. In addition, you can interact with people with diverse skill sets. Besides that, online platforms are quite flexible. Because you can make hiring according to your requirements. You can hire both on a long-term basis and for just a project.

You can view their portfolios. Moreover, with advanced filter options, you can land at options that exactly fit your requirements. In this way, online hiring is quite beneficial. All you need is to be clear about your exact requirements.

Now, let us begin your quest. Here, we will assist you in taking the first. It is to find the best platform.

Starting right away.

Top Online Platforms to Hire a UI UX Designer

Below, we have jotted down the best and most viable online platforms to hire a UI UX Designer. Each platform can be easily accessible online. All you need to do is to search with your requirements. Please know that each platform listed below is good to hire both a UI and UX designer. You can even reach UI UX designers with expert-level grip in UI UX.

Now, let us begin.

Top 3 Freelance Platforms to Hire a UI UX Designer

First, we top freelance platforms to begin with. Going to any freelance platform for online hiring is the most viable way. Because these platforms are quite flexible and fast. Moreover, these platforms are much more affordable.

Below, we have the mainstream freelance platforms.


Known for affordable professionals and its gigs, Fiverr is a popular freelance platform. You can find people offering all sorts of services at all levels. It is a mighty site that harbors freelancers with all kinds of skills with affordability. A gig at Fiverr starts as low as $5. It goes as high as $10,000.

On Fiverr, you will mostly find freelancers offering quick services. As a result, employers and people come to Fiverr to offer smaller jobs. However, you can hire a UI UX designer on a long-term basis. You can even reach top category freelancers as well on Fiverr. However, for that, you will have to upgrade to Fiverr Pro as an employer. Honestly, it is totally worth a shot, especially if you require premium quality UI UX work. These top category freelancers are even available on call in urgency.

Now, on Fiverr, a UI UX designer will post a gig. Each gig carries a price. Besides that, he or she will clearly state the services you will get at that price. Moreover, each UI UX designer will have packages. You can opt for the one that best suits you.

The best thing about Fiverr is that you do not need to write any job description. All you need is to get to the right level UI UX designer gig and pick a package. Further, you can initiate a conversation to discuss and provide any prerequisites.


Next, we have the very famous Upwork. It is a platform where you can avail the most optimal quality work. You will find the real pros on Upwork.

It stands as the undisputed top platform for getting specialized services. Today, the world’s best-skilled people offer their services at Upwork. Now, if you want your UI and UX to stand out, you know where to go to hire a UI UX designer. You can hire a UI UX Designer both on a long-term basis and for one project.

However, it is well-known for long-term collaborations. The milestones feature on Upwork is truly a brilliant one. It ensures that payment is not released until the delivered work is up to par with expectations. Plus, it helps to track the progress of work. Now, if you are a UI UX designer yourself leading a pro-team at a company, Upwork is your go-to platform for hiring.


Here is a freelance platform that goes the extra mile when it comes to hiring freelancers. For a UI UX designer to join TopTal will have to go through an extensive screening process and testing. In this way, TopTal assures the apex-quality freelancers to join the league. This is the reason that all major start-ups trust Toptal for their hiring needs. Currently, it is the leading freelance matchmaking platform over the internet.

Because essentially it is a freelance platform, it still has an efficient recruitment process. Now, you can use Toptal to hire not just a UI UX designer but any pro you need for any team. Ditch your traditional and costly recruitment process and use TopTal now.

You can avail a risk-free trial period with a UI UX designer. If the UI UX designer does not meet your needs, you can easily switch to another one. Moreover, TopTal can get you a UI UX designer for custom projects.

These were the top three freelance platforms for hiring a UI UX designer. Further, we will tap into platforms specializing in UI UX design and its hiring.

Top 3 Entities to Hire a UI UX Designer

Now, we will round some platforms that solely deal with talent related to UI UX design. You can directly connect with these platforms to hire a UI UX designer if you are running short on time. On these platforms, you can hire people on both a full-time basis and a contract basis.


Wandr is a brilliant award-winning UX design agency based in LA. Since its inception in 2016, it has been making waves in UX and UI. With clients such as Samsung and Adobe, it has emerged as a pro entity. In fact, Wandr can be your ultimate partner for your UX and UI needs. A UI UX designer from Wandr will assist you and provide an end-to-end strategy.

Wandr UI UX designer will be there right from the beginning to the final product development of your project. Moreover, you can be anywhere in the world; you can hire a UI UX designer from Wandr. Because it provides UX services globally. In addition, you can opt for one-time work and long-term commitments with Wandr.

UX Studio

Here is yet another pro team of 40 members that make up the UX Studio. UX Studio is a digital design entity based in Budapest, which provides remote services as well. It stands as one of the leading UX names globally. In fact, it commands a top-notch clientele. Some of the notable UX Studio clients are Google, Netflix, Bosch, HBO, and T-Mobile.

UX studio works with a dynamic and holistic approach. It will take care of all your UI UX needs. In fact, a UI UX designer from UX Studio will perform prototyping, development, and establishment of the complete UX system. Moreover, you can explore innovative and epic possibilities with UX Studio.

UX Hires

Lastly, we have very well-known UX Hires. It is an exceptional online entity that is focused on matchmaking between a UI UX designer and a project. Essentially, it works to connect employers with the best UI UX designers that are well-suited for their projects. Its parent company “Motivate Designs” is known for onboarding and finding the top UI UX designers. Motivate Designs decided to create a dedicated platform for that. Therefore, it came up with UX Hires. It has largely helped and contributed to making the UI UX designer hiring process more flexible for companies.

Bottom Line — Hiring a Smart UI UX Designer

All of these platforms are phenomenal to hire a UI UX designer. In fact, you can opt for literally anyone. However, keep your requirements and project nature in due consideration. It is advised to go for freelance platforms if you require project-based work. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full-time UI UX designer, opt for specialized agencies. Happy Hiring!

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