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Top 8 Free UI UX Design Tools in 2023

Updated: Jun 30

UX and UI designing tools are emerging and evolving fast. Are you a designer looking for the perfect software for implementing your creative artistic skills? To help you find the best tool for your designs, here, in this article, we will be discussing the top ten free UI UX design tools available in 2023.

Most designers these days are looking to broaden their horizons with extensive styles and communication with other team members in such a way that it results in better performances in short periods.

Terms that you need to be familiar with before getting ahead with this article (the software will be classified into one or more of these categories):


Plugins are like additions of software that allow you to add a custom effect to the content you are creating. These are used for several reasons. In IU, plugins are used because sometimes, the tools you use provide you with limited functions.

With a plugin, the compromised functions can be used thoroughly.

Wire Framing

Wireframing, in simpler terms, is creating the blueprint of your website where the text goes and where the Call to Action button will be placed. Where will the central home button be set? This is what is done in wireframing.

Like an architect, a designer designs the site’s blueprint and then, after confirmation, adds different aspects of life to the blueprint.

A designer should use software that offers simple operation controls and free icons for wireframing.


Integration is sharing your work data with your teammates or the respective authorities. This can be for discussion or means of documenting the progress.

For integrations, such software should be used that is communication friendly and allow cross-communication between team members to ensure that everyone gets their opinions on board.


A prototype is like an early model of the actual project. This helps in analyzing the ability of the product to survive in the real market. It is driven by user feedback and analysis.

For prototyping, you should look for software that allows sharing and functionality with no coding to help ease sharing the prototype with the audience.

UI Kits And Resources

UI kits and resources offer already-made templates and feature essential for designing. Software with free UX design tools should be selected for easier use.


Intercommunication between teammates is essential. For this purpose, software that allows other team members to comment or tag on that project performs better. Some software these days have facilitated their designers by adding features like group messaging and video calls.


Mockups are an inbuilt feature in the software that allows for the recreation of the elements in a project. Think of it in the way that prototype is an experimental model, and the mockup is the final product.

Now that we are familiar with the terms, we will be moving onto the top 8 free UI UX design tools in 2023, which are as follows:


Category: Design

Figma is an interactive and collaborative design tool that makes the process of designing itself seem easier. Figma dramatically focuses on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), emphasizing real-time audience feedback.

It allows mobile application users to interact with their prototypes in real time. Their free UX design tools aid the designers in building content from available material, not from scratch. Figma is also vastly known for its collaborative environment as well.


Category: UI design and Mockups

Craft is a project management solution designed that helps you stay connected with your immediate team as well as the users themselves. It provides its clients with features such as task evaluation, board accountability, objectives, and product delivery.

It prepares strategic roadmaps for your product to successfully launch in the market. The free UX design tools available here are excellent. It is one of the best places to showcase your UX portfolios.


Category: Prototyping

A framer is a professional prototyping tool with lots of other features available. It allows you to create prototypes of websites and applications that are design-friendly and interactive with the help of its tools. This application has one of the best UX design tools.

Depending on your aims, the prototype you create with this software is one of the closest to the actual applications. With amazing performance and speed, Framer has the best UX prototyping tools.


Category: Prototyping

Webflow is quite a well-known software in web building and hosting. For designers, it offers free UX design tools. Free templates and formats are already available that are useful for the designer. The UX prototyping tools present in this software are a great help for the designer and his team.

Producing a prototype and then introducing it in real-life applications to ensure its completion is what every single designer asks for. UI designers can showcase their UX portfolios to collaborate with other teams.

Origami Studio

Category: Designing, Prototyping, and Animation

Origami Studio is the all-in-one studio that you have been looking for. This software offers designing, prototyping, and animation services all in one place. Isn’t that wonderful? Now, you don’t have to download separate software for different projects.

It's dynamic layouts and quick user interaction spaces have certainly made origami studio one of the best UI UX design tools among its competitors.


Category: Designing, Prototyping, and Wire Framing

Marvel seems to be inspired by the original Marvel franchise it sure is heavy-duty. With the Marvel software, you have the designing, prototyping, and wireframing all in a single place.

Marvel has the most smooth and clean free UX design tools that not only produce better design but it also offers design analysis, feedback, and specs. UX portfolios can be put up here to get some feedback on them. With its rigorous user testing and collaborative instincts, Marvel is undoubtedly one of the best UX prototyping tools.


Category: UI Designing and Prototyping

InVision, in simple terms, is just like a visual whiteboard that you can use for interactive sessions. Its free UI UX prototyping tools are made for designers with creative instincts and a caliber to exercise control over design formats and needs.

Like other free UX design tool software, it allows its clients to build prototypes and then offer up services like user feedback and analysis. The visual whiteboard feature of InVision stands out from other UX design software. This helps teams to monitor each other’s designs and progress.

Adobe XD

Category: Designing and Prototyping

Adobe XD is a new generation vector software that focuses on better designing features and upgraded prototypes. Currently, it is also working on ensuring cross-platform compatibility. This will help different platform users to interact with each other and find better ways of using their free UX design tools.

As compared to other software, Adobe XD is one of the best available ones that allow your UX portfolios to be seen by people all around the world.


When it comes to web-based UI UX design tools, the tools mentioned above should not be overlooked. All the software discussed here has a free trial and can be used for a specific period. To get the eversion and benefits, you need to pay a small amount to access all features and tabs — each of these mentioned software functions in its very own unique way. User interface (UI) designers should look into these free UI UX design tools.

With the increasing improvement in technology, it is said that user interfaces are also going to evolve in the near future. For then, designers need to work more extensively on their skills to bring out innovative designs to the public.

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