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6 best places to sell your UI UX designs and earn money

Updated: May 28

best places to sell your UI UX designs

Looking for How to Sell UI Design? Several people believe that almost all UX designers and graphic designers operate from home usually. Consequently, they will be able to maintain their operating time and set the timetable they prefer. The situation does not always remain stagnant. Individuals may select the best tasks. Others may work for businesses that require them to code for extended periods of time.

Regardless, each individual may find themselves in a circumstance where they must seek extra forms of funds. At this point, various digital markets for selling resources enter the picture. We’ll show you where and how to make money by selling designs in this post.

As UI/UX designers and illustrators, people always think about how they can generate a source of revenue and hope to earn some additional income. To supplement their income, they began freelancing and other activities. However, they like to make cash without being physically or mentally there at the moment of generating income. Several of these initiatives have been designed and developed by them are sitting idle. So it is the best decision to market some of their conceptual UI UX design services.

Who buys the designs?

Designers themselves, Product designers, developers, product managers, startup companies, and entrepreneurs acquire design models to develop layouts from existing elements rather than drawing everything from the beginning. People think about screen design differently, and each element now needs to be fine-tuned. The designing system’s styles, limitations, grid, and overall look must all be organized, which requires a while.

You simply can’t stop generating designs with Sketch, XD, or Figma. You usually begin with a blinking cursor, and basic items such as controls, lists, and decks are required for work. Most of this may have come from somewhere. One could either build all of the elements manually, develop and test them, and waste months, or you could just buy anything fully prepared.

Why should we create a design product?

This must be implemented to promote key expertise and for financial improvement. This is a far more interesting job since you create the designs individually. You now are driven when you do something you enjoy.

You can offer your elements to other designers and organizations from all across the planet. You will earn good comments from happy customers. Thus you must create your greatest portfolio. Developing a selected concept is fun and thrilling, but it will take some time.

You must always have a plan first.

To go and get stuff accomplished self-organization, dedication, and the role of a professional project leader are essential. If you attempt to construct a technical architecture in the afternoons, after your main task at the workplace, you must be efficient and have enough opportunities. Planning and structurally laid out plans should be the utmost priority before starting any UX UI website designs.

How can I get started?

One could offer the best digital product design digitally via their website as well as through social networks, but having it noticed is typically a difficulty. While investing in advertising and making effective use of keywords can assist, it’s frequently simpler — at least temporarily — to offer your designs through a site with either an established customer base.

Globally, the market for high-quality UI UX design websites, whether you’re a visual artist, animator, or 3D designer, is now simpler. Moreover, it doesn’t cost a limb to market and promotes design digitally, whether it’s publications, portraits, T-shirts, 3D components, or other things. Utilizing one of several established online businesses could save both time & expense by allowing you to access a larger market without developing your personal online marketplace.

Marketing creative artwork no longer needs significant time and financial commitment in creating, as there are numerous current e-commerce platforms that enable you to increase brand awareness. Offering digital things on multiple digital sites, such as UI UX design services, UI UX design portfolios, logos, brochures, business cards, is how you can conveniently earn money. Here are a handful of the finest sites for passive income generation below.

1- How to Sell UI Design with Creative market

UI Design with Creative market

It helps you browse over 4 million high-quality materials by leading artists from over 190 nations. So, you can make your best-designed digital products famous and known to people out, team up with creative minds. Artistic Market enables individuals across the world to bring their visions to life. The platform helps inspire designers to turn their interests into a career, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or region.

2- How to sell UI design with


UI8 is a web-based platform that provides its users with various UI design assets. With the Multifunctional Icon Set, you may create your own UI UX design services. Using Figma and Sketch, or infinitely customizable Blender plugins, create comfortable UI UX inspiration websites graphical interfaces with a representation and colors suggestive of toys.

It has several iPhone 13 Mockup bundles and several UI UX design websites listed by developers. The purpose of the iPhone pack is to give access to all of the iPhone 13 tools needed to demonstrate your work and amaze potential prospects without losing energy.

3- Sell UI UX design services Themeforest


Dozens of easy-to-customize themes, layouts, and CMS products created by world-class programmers are available. Access the latest web designing concepts, including what’s fresh in WordPress, extensions, page builders, and much more, from UX and UI design services to Figma and Sketch. The world’s largest designer community undoubtedly is Themeforest. It features a developing collection of high-quality work by several world top designers, encompassing customer experience, UI UX design portfolio, and interaction designers.

4- UI UX design benefits with EpicPxls


Start selling your fantastic items like UI Kits immediately and get 80% of the net income share from each subscription (100 percent in beta). The website has several listed items starting from lingerie website designs to media UI UX design services.

The themes and plugins are available for developers to get an idea from. Moreover, users can decide the UI UX design portfolio they want to go with for their business, and the purchase is yet another easy task.

5- Create and sell UI UX design portfolio with Dqode


As a technical experience designer, you generate documents, graphics, and a slew of other outputs resulting from countless hours of deliberation and problem-solving. Several of those products are quite important, yet they are rarely used by anyone other than the developer who generated them. DQODE provides a marketplace where people can sell a valued product like UI UX inspiration websites to other professionals who will benefit from the efforts.

6- Create and sell UI UX design portfolio with new Design marketplaces


In addition, think smart and take advantage of new design marketplaces that will put you in the forefront and easily benefit from their advertising campaigns.

These new marketplaces will give you higher rates because they focus on acquiring new sellers.

To top it off, it will give you preference to feature your items with low competition.

An example of this is, which provides excellent features that enable you to sell your Sketch, Figma, and other design resources as separate screens, use cases, themes, and full design projects.

And at Next Mockup, clients have the option to buy your screen and customize it accordingly. This customization can help you grow your design business and profit margin.

If, in any case, you’re not successful in your approach and designs, there is always room for improvement. These are some of the benefits of using your UX UI design portfolios for future use.

Benefits of UX UI designs

Time is investment

The only thing you have to contribute is your effort. However, it would be repaid to you with competence. By completing design assignments that excite you, you will elevate the excellence of your collection to a different extreme.

Therefore, if all goes well, you’ll receive your initial sale and a very fantastic sensation. Somebody considered your work beneficial and compensated for a duplicate. You’ll forget the problem of sleeping, and your mind will be racing with new ideas for your product or application. However, before the first transaction, no one would pay you for your time, like when operating for a client. Usually, the possibility that whatever is accomplished will be ineffective will be there. Countless people flopped the first went around. As a result, you must embrace the reality there is a chance of no returns at first, but you will be stimulated in any case.

Portfolios are made and improved.

If purchases don’t go off, it isn’t the final destination; in either event, you’ll be glad to include this product in your portfolios. You’ve done well for business and shouldn’t need to discard the finished creative result. This could, for instance, be repurposed and expanded in a hypothetical instance. If, much like most novices, you made an error and drew an additional Mobile Food UI kit, you can emerge with and illustrate the method as though this project is finished for the customers. You may write on Medium and share high-quality graphics on Dribble and Instagram, having read the article. One could receive useful feedback as well as new customers. To increase your portfolio, you must always repurpose your own visuals.


Various designers have become increasingly concerned with how to Sell UI Design and find additional strategies to increase passive income. This search, we acknowledge, can be tedious and exhausting. As a result, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that all pertinent information regarding these marketplaces is available. Every of lets you sell templates and earn money for your efforts. They have a vast consumer base that will undoubtedly be interested in what you have to offer.

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